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Growth Space Solutions (GSS) is a One Stop Real Estate Hub in Hyderabad ! Rapid development of infrastructural facilities has heightened the rates of properties in the city. It has also elevated Buy, Sell, and Rentin and Rentout of Commercial and Residential properties. Buying and Rental of properties are on rise with the booming real estate. Moreover, increasing number of residential and commercial complexes, multiplexes, malls, etc., have a very positive effect in the market.

Our services include Commercial Leasing & budgeting, Sales / Purchase of Office / Retail Spaces, With the assistance of our research professionals, we are continually updated on market changes and attuned to provide our clients with genuine, latest, practical market advice. We provide services on property valuation services that enable our clients the true value of their property in the Commercial, Residential, and Industrial domains. Our property assessment professionals will appraise property on various criteria such as area, accessibility of basic amenities depending on the current as well as projected rates. Further, we are also backed by efficient legal experts who look after all the legal documentation of properties in a methodical manner to deliver accurate and useful advice to help you with your property needs, whether you're a landlord, investor, developer, Lessor, Lessee or buyer.

Growth space looks forward in assisting more businesses and private individuals get the best out of their property assets. We provide a worldwide service that’s locally expert and globally connected.

We have extensive experience in advising and representing both landlords and tenants through the complexity of leasing, we act as a bridge that connects people seeking for property for lease with the right people who want to rent out their properties.

Our expert leasing advisory services has helped in countless Deals / Transactions, helping numerous Corporate Clients in acquisition of the suitable space for Commercial Offices, Residential and Industrial Spaces across Hyderabad. Our highly qualified & experienced leasing team can help you get the best Commercial spaces at the reasonable cost.

Investing in Property is lucrative. As it shares its boundaries in the heart of Hyderabad. Hyderabad is one of the most sought after places in terms of investment. However, before you invest in property, there are some points, which must be kept in mind to get the best deal. We at Growth Space keep you update and guide you through the process on every step. Whether you have commercial or residential properties, we have a wide selection of investment opportunities available, with a constant supply of properties for you to invest in.
Our professional team is able to draw not only on their own knowledge and acumen, but also on the experience and market intelligence in worldwide. We have close relationships with lenders and the knowledge to make your financial needs run smoothly and cost-effectively wherever you are.

Growth Space Solutions provides detailed, impartial advice to the clients on all property-related matters that helps you to lead a better decision. We help our clients assess various issues related to investments. We analyze detailed strategies along with their short and long-term goals and objectives. We fully understand industry trends and business needs. We help Corporates, Real estate developers, builders and individuals in property buying, selling and leasing.
Our team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the investment market advice and manage your investment and help our clients to meet complex challenges and provide the right property advisory services.

Mandate is an instruction to sell a property to Agency. The Mandate should specify the time, the price and the commission payable together with the terms and conditions, as it is a legally binding agreement.
One of the most important choices that any property owner can make relates to the decision which mandate to go with either Sole or Exclusive Mandate and personal preference on how exclusive you want the property to be marketed.
At Growth Space Solutions we help with any type of Mandate depending on your preference.